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All Venus Elongations for 2000 - 2049 AD
DateSky PositionElongationElevationmVDiameterIlluminationIllum Pixels
2001-01-16evening star47.1-4.5 mV24.2"51.4 %8,897 ipx2
2001-06-07morning star45.8-4.4 mV23.9"49.4 %8,340 ipx2
2002-08-22evening star46.0-4.5 mV24.5"48.6 %8,609 ipx2
2003-01-10morning star47.0-4.6 mV24.8"50.0 %9,127 ipx2
2004-03-29evening star46.0-4.5 mV23.6"51.0 %8,379 ipx2
2004-08-17morning star45.8-4.4 mV23.6"50.2 %8,244 ipx2
2005-11-03evening star47.1-4.5 mV25.0"49.4 %9,152 ipx2
2006-03-24morning star46.5-4.5 mV24.7"49.3 %8,887 ipx2
2007-06-08evening star45.4-4.4 mV23.5"49.9 %8,118 ipx2
2007-10-28morning star46.5-4.5 mV24.1"50.6 %8,677 ipx2
2009-01-14evening star47.1-4.6 mV24.3"51.2 %8,950 ipx2
2009-06-05morning star45.9-4.4 mV23.8"49.6 %8,314 ipx2
2010-08-19evening star46.0-4.5 mV24.3"48.9 %8,534 ipx2
2011-01-08morning star47.0-4.6 mV24.7"50.3 %9,081 ipx2
2012-03-26evening star46.0-4.5 mV23.4"51.4 %8,338 ipx2
2012-08-15morning star45.8-4.4 mV23.5"50.3 %8,206 ipx2
2013-11-01evening star47.1-4.6 mV25.1"49.2 %9,183 ipx2
2014-03-22morning star46.6-4.5 mV24.6"49.5 %8,860 ipx2
2015-06-06evening star45.4-4.4 mV23.5"49.8 %8,149 ipx2
2015-10-25morning star46.4-4.5 mV24.2"50.3 %8,708 ipx2
2017-01-12evening star47.1-4.6 mV24.5"50.9 %9,007 ipx2
2017-06-03morning star45.9-4.4 mV23.8"49.7 %8,294 ipx2
2018-08-17evening star45.9-4.5 mV24.4"48.6 %8,553 ipx2
2019-01-05morning star47.0-4.6 mV24.9"50.0 %9,136 ipx2
2020-03-24evening star46.1-4.5 mV23.5"51.2 %8,379 ipx2
2020-08-12morning star45.8-4.4 mV23.6"50.0 %8,248 ipx2
2021-10-29evening star47.0-4.5 mV25.0"49.4 %9,114 ipx2
2022-03-20morning star46.6-4.5 mV24.5"49.8 %8,837 ipx2
2023-06-04evening star45.4-4.4 mV23.6"49.6 %8,178 ipx2
2023-10-23morning star46.4-4.5 mV24.1"50.5 %8,656 ipx2
2025-01-09evening star47.2-4.6 mV24.4"51.2 %8,974 ipx2
2025-05-31morning star45.9-4.4 mV23.9"49.4 %8,366 ipx2
2026-08-14evening star45.9-4.5 mV24.2"48.9 %8,472 ipx2
2027-01-03morning star47.0-4.6 mV24.7"50.2 %9,088 ipx2
2028-03-22evening star46.1-4.5 mV23.6"51.1 %8,426 ipx2
2028-08-10morning star45.8-4.4 mV23.6"50.1 %8,217 ipx2
2029-10-27evening star47.0-4.5 mV25.1"49.1 %9,152 ipx2
2030-03-17morning star46.6-4.5 mV24.7"49.5 %8,905 ipx2
2031-06-01evening star45.4-4.4 mV23.4"50.0 %8,119 ipx2
2031-10-21morning star46.4-4.5 mV24.0"50.7 %8,599 ipx2
2033-01-07evening star47.2-4.6 mV24.5"50.9 %9,024 ipx2
2033-05-29morning star45.9-4.4 mV23.9"49.6 %8,344 ipx2
2034-08-12evening star45.9-4.5 mV24.3"48.7 %8,497 ipx2
2034-12-31morning star46.9-4.6 mV24.9"50.0 %9,144 ipx2
2036-03-19evening star46.2-4.5 mV23.5"51.4 %8,390 ipx2
2036-08-08morning star45.8-4.4 mV23.5"50.3 %8,180 ipx2
2037-10-24evening star47.0-4.5 mV24.9"49.4 %9,076 ipx2
2038-03-15morning star46.6-4.5 mV24.6"49.7 %8,882 ipx2
2039-05-30evening star45.4-4.4 mV23.5"49.9 %8,150 ipx2
2039-10-18morning star46.4-4.5 mV24.1"50.4 %8,637 ipx2
2041-01-05evening star47.2-4.6 mV24.6"50.7 %9,079 ipx2
2041-05-26morning star45.9-4.5 mV24.0"49.3 %8,417 ipx2
2042-08-09evening star45.8-4.5 mV24.1"49.0 %8,425 ipx2
2042-12-29morning star46.9-4.6 mV24.8"50.2 %9,096 ipx2
2044-03-17evening star46.2-4.5 mV23.6"51.3 %8,441 ipx2
2044-08-05morning star45.8-4.4 mV23.6"49.9 %8,233 ipx2
2045-10-22evening star47.0-4.5 mV25.1"49.1 %9,110 ipx2
2046-03-12morning star46.7-4.5 mV24.7"49.5 %8,954 ipx2
2047-05-28evening star45.4-4.4 mV23.6"49.8 %8,179 ipx2
2047-10-16morning star46.3-4.5 mV24.0"50.5 %8,589 ipx2
2049-01-02evening star47.2-4.6 mV24.5"51.0 %9,033 ipx2
2049-05-24morning star45.9-4.5 mV24.0"49.5 %8,395 ipx2
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