Celebrating the Beauty of the Night Sky
Planetary Images & Animations Index
Aug 14, 2020Laguna NiguelJupiter and GRS with Io in transit, accompanied by shadows of itself and Ganymede
Aug 11, 2020Laguna NiguelJupiter with GRS; Mars; late 3rd period Moon mosaic (98 MP)
Aug 8, 2020Laguna NiguelMars
Jul 12, 2020Laguna NiguelVery sharp Jupiter images using ADC
Jul 10, 2020Laguna NiguelJupiter showing Great Red Spot
May 24, 2020Laguna NiguelVery thin crescent Venus
May 20, 2020Laguna NiguelJupiter with 3 moons including mutual transit of Europa & Ganymede
May 15, 2020Laguna NiguelCrescent Venus
May 2, 2020Laguna NiguelMoon - GS mosaic & Midnight ROI's (excellent!) - Iridium, Copernicus and Clavius
Apr 25, 2020Laguna NiguelJupiter's first shot of the season, including GRS
Mar 3, 2020Laguna Niguelf10 supermosaic of first quarter Moon, plus 2.5x ROI's; gibbous Venus
Feb 7, 2020Laguna Niguelf6.3 supermosaic of full Wolf Super Moon
Feb 1, 2020Laguna NiguelMoon ROI's at 2.5x, first quarter; gibbous Venus
Jan 31, 2020Laguna NiguelMoon first quarter mosaic and 2.5x ROI's
Jan 28, 2020Laguna NiguelNew Moon crescent mosaic and 2.5x ROI's; gibbous Venus
Nov 11, 2019Laguna NiguelMercury Solar Transit.Mercury Solar Transit (Annotated)
Mercury Solar Transit (Full Disk)
Nov 8, 2019Laguna NiguelGibbous Moon mosaic
Sep 12, 2019Laguna NiguelJupiter with Ganymede in transit
Sep 11, 2019Laguna NiguelGibbous Moon mosaic
Sep 9, 2019Laguna NiguelJupiter Blocks Europa
Aug 20, 2019Laguna NiguelLast quarter Moon mosaic; Jupiter compared at 2x and 2.5x; Saturn and moons
Aug 18, 2019Laguna NiguelJupiter with Ganymede and Io; Saturn and moons
Aug 15, 2019Laguna NiguelJupiter and Europa
Aug 10, 2019Laguna NiguelGibbous Moon mosaic; Jupiter
Aug 8, 2019Laguna NiguelFirst quarter Moon mosaic
Jul 27, 2019Laguna NiguelJupiter with Io transit, Ganymede near
Jul 26, 2019Laguna NiguelJupiter Io eclipse; Saturn moons
Jul 12, 2019Laguna NiguelJupiter; Saturn; Moon mosaic
Jul 10, 2019Laguna NiguelJupiter; Saturn
Jul 5, 2019Laguna NiguelJupiterJupiter and Three Moons
Jul 2, 2019Laguna NiguelJupiter
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