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Sculptor Galaxy
NGC 253
The Sculptor Galaxy is in starburst (intense star formation), and presents an amber core with blue arms - older stars near the core with hot, brighter stars in the outer regions.

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28 Oct 2017

30 Aug 2014

Night of:Saturday October 28, 2017
Local Time:12:00 AM | Oct 28, 2017
RA:00h 47m 33s
Declination:-25 17'
Distance:11 million light years
Magnitude:+8.0 mV
Size:27.5' x 6.8'
Camera Settings:
Camera:Celestron NightScape
Pixel Scale:1.45 arcsec
Image Size:1444 x 1051 pixels (1.5 MP)
34.9' x 25.4'
Exposure:180 sec
Stacked Frames:16
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