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Globular Cluster
M56 | Messier 56 | NGC 6779
The brightest of the 80,000 stars in this globular cluster are 13th magnitude, with the average of the 25 brightest stars being 15.3 mV. It's about 85 light years diameter. Spectral type F5 (yellow-white). M56 orbits the Milky Way retrograde, suggesting and extragalactic origin. It's about 84 light years in diameter. The 25 brightest stars average 15.3 mV.

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1 Nov 2013

9 Aug 2009

29 Jun 2009

Night of:Sunday August 9, 2009
Site:Rancho Santa Margarita
Local Time:12:20 AM | Jun 29, 2009
RA:19h 16m 36s
Declination:+30d 11' 01"
Distance:32,900 light years
Magnitude:+8.3 mV
Camera Settings:
Camera:Orion Starshoot DSI2
Pixel Scale:2.08 arcsec
Image Size:744 x 564 pixels (0.4 MP)
25.8' x 19.6'
Exposure:15 sec
Stacked Frames:9
Total Integration:2 minutes
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