The Unparalleled Beauty of the Night Sky ... Up Close
The Pleiades
M45 | Messier 45
The Seven Sisters
The Pleiades star cluster contains over 1,000 stars, some of which are binaries. About 25% of the population is brown dwarfs.

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This is a mosaic of 15 frames, each of which is a stack of 10-15 images.

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6 Oct 2013

Night of:Saturday October 5, 2013
Site:Laguna Niguel
Local Time:2:30 AM | Oct 6, 2013
RA:03h 47m 24s
Declination:+24d 07'
Distance:444 light years
Magnitude:+1.6 mV
Camera Settings:
Camera:Orion Starshoot DSI2
Pixel Scale:1.49 arcsec
Image Size:1000 x 518 pixels (0.5 MP)
24.8' x 12.9'
Exposure:10 sec
Stacked Frames:12
Shot Info:Shot from 1:30 - 3:30 AM, and 60 - 80 degrees altitude (transit shortly after 3:30).
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