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Trifid Nebula
M20 | Messier 20 | NGC 6514
Trifid means "divided into 3": the red region is an emission nebula, the blue region is a reflection nebula, and the dark lanes are due to a dark nebula.

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9 Jun 2016

10 Sep 2010

4 Jul 2005

17 Sep 2004

Night of:Friday September 10, 2010
Site:Palomar Mountain
Local Time:10:00 PM | Sep 10, 2010
RA:18h 02m 23s
Declination:-23d 02'
Distance:5200 light years
Magnitude:+6.3 mV
Camera Settings:
Camera:Orion Starshoot DSI2
Pixel Scale:2.08 arcsec
Image Size:736 x 564 pixels (0.4 MP)
25.5' x 19.6'
Exposure:30 sec
Stacked Frames:17
Total Integration:9 minutes
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