The Unparalleled Beauty of the Night Sky ... Up Close
Saturn and Moons

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Six of Saturn's classical moons can be seen in this image. Iapetus is in the lower left corner, with bright Titan above it. From left to right, the three moons below the planet are Rhea, Dione and Tethys. Enceladus is just above Dione, and Mimas is near the left edge of Saturn's overexposed rings. Hyperion is in the frame to the upper left, but is too dim to see in this view.
Saturn Details:
Night of:Sunday July 12, 2015
Site:Laguna Niguel
Local Time:9:30 PM | Jul 12, 2015
Distance:866,707,598 miles
Magnitude:+1.17 mV
Diameter:17.83 arcsec
Tilt:+23.99 NP
Phase Angle:4.57
ipx:468 ipx2
Camera Settings:
Camera:Celestron NightScape
Pixel Scale:0.73 arcsec
Exposure:5 sec
Video Length:?
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